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Creating lifetime partnerships built on mutual respect and collaboration.

From humble beginnings to grand legacies, wealth journeys are as diverse as they are intricate.

At Archipelago Wealth Management, we understand that behind every financial story is a lifetime of hard work, dreams, and aspirations. Our clients come to us for guidance for major life transitions and smaller strategic shifts.

Guided by a rich history of financial expertise and a genuine passion for M&A, our approach is built on clear, user-friendly strategies tailored to your unique narrative. Whether you’re an entrepreneur aiming to maximize the value of your company or a family seeking to secure generational wealth, our holistic approach is here to serve your unique needs.

“Diversification may preserve wealth, but concentration builds wealth.”

– Warren Buffett

Services + Solutions

Waves of Wealth™ – Our Turnkey Process for Entrepreneurs Selling Their Business

Your wealth can increase like the rising tides of the ocean, but without thoughtful tax planning, investment management, exit planning and estate planning, you could see your wealth go right back out with the falling tide. At Archipelago Wealth Management our Waves of Wealth™ process can empower clients to protect and grow their wealth through proactive planning. Executing on those plans with a heightened sense of confidence through a collaboration of trusted professionals. Each professional an island unto themselves yet all a part of the Archipelago.


“I connected with Archipelago Wealth Management through my association with my dedicated wealth manager, Arthur Muniz. From our initial meeting, Arthur’s expertise has instilled a heightened sense of confidence in me, making his guidance indispensable for all my financial matters. It’s only fitting that I seek his assistance in the strategic process of selling our company.”

“I have worked with Arthur Muniz for over ten years. Without his guidance and expertise in the financial world, I would not be able to retire with confidence. He thinks outside of the box, which I value, and he is always looking for new ways to improve my portfolio. For those seeking a dedicated financial advisor who prioritizes your preferences and concerns, actively listens to your market-related apprehensions, and maintains a high level of honesty, I highly recommend entrusting Arthur with the management of your portfolio. Let him take the reins, and you can look forward to a fulfilling and worry-free retirement.”

“I absolutely love collaborating with Art Muniz! His vibrant energy and charismatic personality add an extra layer of enjoyment to our investment discussions. What sets Arthur apart is his ingenious approach of arranging speakers in a captivating ’roundtable’ scenario, making the entire experience not just insightful but also incredibly fun.”

“Recommended by our CPA firm years ago, Arthur efficiently managed our companies retirement account from its inception. Despite our modest size, he provided dedicated and professional service. Over time, Arthur consistently offered quality advice, including comprehensive wealth planning and retirement strategies. He’s our trusted financial advisor, and we greatly appreciate his expertise.”

This statement is a testimonial by a client of the financial professional as of 02/20/2024. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.

Clear guidance for the journey ahead.

Entrepreneurs and families often grapple with the challenges of converting hard-earned wealth into lasting legacies. We illuminate the path, demystifying the complexities of asset growth, generational wealth transfer, and holistic financial planning.

It all starts with a conversation about your goals. 

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